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Who are

We are a boutique firm that supplies specialised services and technology solutions to enable companies claim R&D tax credits in Ireland. Established and managed by an ex big 4 director in this space.

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Our Objective

To bring the level of expertise needed to create a robust R&D tax credit claim to everyone, from the smallest start-up to the largest multinational in the state. 

We will allow companies claim R&D tax credits with Big 4 level service at local firm prices.

We will embed controls and processes within your company to help ensure compliance with Revenue Guidelines and minimise the risks of claiming 

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Want to learn more about R&D tax Credits in Ireland?

Watch our brief introductory video on the research and development tax credit regime in Ireland. It covers the financial elements, the technical requirements and outlines why it is a complex area of taxation

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What does our Web App deliver?

In short, our software is a full research and development tax credit solution that:

  • reduces costs,

  • automates compliance,

  • guides and trains its users,

  • creates documentation contemporaneously,

  • simplifies the claim process,

  • complies with the Irish Revenue's guidelines,

  • removes as much risk as possible.

Interested in learning about how the Irish Revenue now expect you to collate your claim?

In the attached video outline how claims have been traditionally collated in Ireland and compares that to what Revenue are now expecting after their 2019 guidelines were published. You'll understand why we built that app after watching it.

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Partnerships with Accounting Firms

We partner with accounting firms to offer outsources solutions to their clients, ensuring they get a big 4 quality service for a fraction of the price. We offer a revenue sharing agreement to our partner firms and we do not offer any other accounting or tax services so you know your existing business is safe.

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