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Firm Partnerships

We work with accounting, tax and consulting firms all across the country to ensure our partners are getting their clients high quality, affordable advice from recognised industry leaders.

Firm Partnerships: Services
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We will give you a revenue share

We offer our partnering firms reoccurring commissions. In essence, If you refer your client to us we will offer you a percentage of the fee revenues generated on an annual basis.

We won't cross sell to your clients

We only provide R&D services. We do not offer any other tax or accounting advice. Therefore, we are not competing to be your clients accountant or tax advisor. Your existing business and relationships are safe. Our only objective will be to enhance your relationship by ensuring your clients get a high quality service on the back of your referal.

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Experience of the Irish Regime and Revenue Audits

Our MD has left his job as a director of the R&D tax credit team in PwC to ensure that clients of all size can benefit from his knowledge and experience. He has assisted in almost one billion euro of Irish claims in his career to date. We are not coming in from other jurisdictions and adapting our processes for the Irish regime. We are an Irish company and everything we do has been designed and developed to comply with the Irish legislation and Revenue guidelines. Claiming here is more challenging than in almost any other jurisdiction

Our App adds controls and processes to claims and reduces cost

We have developed our web app based off observed industry best practices from the biggest claimants in the state. Not only does the app minimise risk,  it also minimises cost, as it removes expensive consulting time that would otherwise be spent on data processing and training. All of our consulting time is value add.

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We are always up to date

The Irish Revenue guidelines are changed frequently and their audit practices are constantly evolving. We are in this space everyday, observing these changes and quickly adapting. Everything we have developed has been setup to ensure that our clients and partners are always up to date with these changes, and new compliance expectations, often before they are even formalised in new guidelines. With the knowledge we then work with the Institute of chartered accountants in Ireland to provide articles and CPD courses in this space, as well as assist them with budget submissions on R&D.

If you are interested in having a conversation about partnering with us, please contact us below

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