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The administration of an R&D tax credits claim can be expensive and time consuming. Why not simplify and strengthen your R&D tax credits claims by adding robust processes and controls designed by specialists in this area?

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What does the application do?

Using our many years of experience, having helped some of the largest multinationals in the state establish their R&D tax credit processes and controls, we have created an application that can deliver the same optimised and robust claim methodologies and systems to your business. We have taken all the learnings from across the R&D sectors in Ireland to incorporate the best practices for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke design.

Want to know more? The video below will briefly talk you through how it works.

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Key Features

We have developed this app with you and your R&D teams front of mind. We have incorporated all the requirements outlined in the Revenue Guidelines around their compliance expectations. Some of the Key features can be seen below

R&D tax time recording

Time Recording

R&D focused time recording, by employee by project, in order to comply with new revenue guidelines on contemporaneous financial records

How much does access to our R&D tax credit App cost?

Less than you would think

Full App User

€99 / user / month

The app has been developed for the project managers or team leads to collate the information for their direct reports and their projects. If you have one R&D team manager then you 

This level of access includes

Time recording

Write access to technical documentation

Financial calculator

Employee - addition, allocation and end date Management

All training videos

Mobile Phone

Timesheet Only

€25 / user / month

Some companies decide that they would like employees to complete their own timesheets rather than putting the onus on the Project Managers or team leads. In that case they only need partial access.

This level of access includes

Time recording

Read access to project documentation

All training videos

Financial Analyst
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