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If you are in need of any assistance on your R&D tax credit claims, we can not only help but exceed your expectations

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R&D Project reviews

We will work with your R&D teams to ensure you have strong and compliant technical documentation for your claim

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Revenue audit assistance

Revenue Audits in the R&D tax credits space are challenging, engage the specialists to help

Financial Alignment

We will work with your finance team or accountants to ensure your claim is inline with current Revenue expectations and aligns to your technical R&D activities


Strategic R&D Tax Planning

We will work with your financial and R&D teams to ensure you have robust controls and processes around your R&D tax credit claims 

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Services: Clients

Our Clients operate across industries and fields of science


Software claims makes up the vast majority of R&D tax credits in the state, but they are also some of the highest risk claims. Our MD, Cathal Noone, has worked with the largest claimants in the state for years, with several of his clients having claimed in excess of €20m annually. We understand the software industry, we will sit with your engineering teams, dev teams and CTO to collaboratively produce R&D tax credit documentation and align it to the corresponding costs. 

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Our team have worked with some of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in the world. We have provided training, guidance and established controls and processes, to ensure they are capturing the data they need to claim their R&D tax credits. Additionally, we offer end to end services collating all the technical and financial information needed for R&D tax compliance 

 Medical Devices

Ireland is one of Europe's largest MedTech hotspots and, as a globally recognised centre of excellence, is home to 300+ companies, employing 32.000 people. Research and development tax credits play a key role in incubating and attracting those companies, so naturally we have a lot of experience in this space. We help companies to build processes, controls and strong compliance documentation, to ensure that they can maximise their claims while minimising their risks.

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Engineering Plans

Engineering Companies

Engineering and technology is one of four groups of fields of science that qualify for R&D tax credits. If you are working in mechanical engineering, metallurgical or materials engineering you may qualify for an R&D tax credit on your projects. If you would like to discuss further, why not give us a call and we can start you off in the right direction

Electronics Companies

Ireland supplies approximately 20 per cent of western Europe’s electronics’ output and has developed a leading position in semiconductor components and ICT equipment. We have experience working with the biggest player in this sector. Any company working in this area should be looking at R&D tax credits. We will get you in the best position to put forward strong, compliant claims. 

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Construction Companies

In Ireland the number of claims in the civil engineering an constructions sectors are very low compared to the volumes seen in the UK, where there is a very similar regime from the technical perspective. If you are working on technically complex project in civil engineering, architectural engineering, building science, construction engineering, municipal and structural engineering, metallurgical and materials engineering or even mining it is worth reaching out to have a conversation with us.

Aerospace Companies

Aerospace is a rapidly growing area in Ireland. It is being strongly supported by the Enterprise Ireland, the IDA and EU through grant funding and supports. If you are working in this area R&D tax credits are almost definitely on the the cards too. Even if you are partially funded by one of those granting bodies already you can claim credits on all the spend net of those grants. Call us or get in touch if you would like more information.

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Food Science

The Agri-food sector is a very significant part of the Irish economy. Naturally there are a large number of companies working in this sector performing R&D on everything form infant formula to free from alternatives to traditional products. The science and technology of food production is listed as one of the qualifying fields of science and the biggest players in the food and beverage industry are claiming large credits. If you are doing R&D in this space you should contact us to explore your options 

Medical Science

Medical science is often the first thing people think of when they think about Research and Development and for good reason. Generally speaking it is easy for the company involved to satisfy the  scientific advancement and uncertainty criteria in this field. If you are doing any R&D in this space you need ensure that you have your processes and controls around claiming in place and our App will help you hugely. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get the most from your claims in a cost effective manner.

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Agricultural Science

Ireland currently has a bustling Agritech industry, thanks in part to strong Ag Science programs in all of our universities. The R&D tax credits covers veterinary medicine, animal
husbandry, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, biology, botany, zoology, genetics, biochemistry and biophysics. Don't miss out on R&D tax credits to help fund your research and development projects. We have helped several companies in this sector claim successfully.

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